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Léa Bou Habib(b.1993) Born and raised in Lebanon, Spain(2014-2018), Lebanon(2018-2020), & (2020-present)UK.​​

  My art practice is an exploration of time & identity. Through a process of “active imagination”, oil paint builds up layer ontop of layer, demystifying the painted subjects. Using a blend of surrealism and expressionism I launch a visual performance that transforms the painted surface at unique times & under unique circumstances. I explore themes of identity, love, vulnerability, and addiction. My interest in studying time is often exhibited in timelines that tell stories of the artist's states of agony & enchantment.​ The paintings are not limited to one image, but a reflection of an abundance of emotions & thoughts. This process of constant change & transformation of an artwork is influenced by my resistance towards cultural, political, and social structures that have become a part of my identity. I paint to become no one again, to transcend above what is known. I believe that in a singular moment, any object or subject can be stripped of its identity, revealing its true essence. For me, nothing is more important than expressing the essence of that moment.


After returning from Spain in 2018, I became fascinated by the complexity of my sense of belonging to Lebanon and how identity is influenced by a nation and its structures. I have used public art to explore these influences, creating projects both big and small since 2019. My latest public art projects, documented through video and photographs, focus on deep political trauma and injustice, highlighting the importance of resistance in the face of adversity. Without them, the human stands alone in their struggle for expression.




Barcelona Academy of Art, Spain

Intensive program in painting, drawing & sculpture

University of Balamand (ALBA)_ Lebanon

Bachelor in Interior Architecture

Selected Exhibitions






TILT_ Hoxton gallery, London

Éphémère by Retrieving Beirut_ Sage Parlor, Beirut

Habitudes_ Saifi village, Beirut

Kuh-rupt by Art of change_ Hamra, Beirut

MISNŌMA_ Mau Mau, Barcelona

Reconstructing memories_ ARTLAB gallery, Beirut

Co-exist by Retrieving Beirut_ Online exhibition

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