Léa Bou Habib is a Lebanese visual artist based out of both Beirut and London, working mainly in paint and charcoal mediums. Léa is inspired by human vulnerabilities, virtue and decadence. Her paintings are multi-layered narratives, often questioning individuality in face of the contemporary world.

Léa has training in classical realism at the Barcelona Academy of Art and has participated in a number of exhibitions in Beirut and Spain over the years. She also has recently started painting murals as a way to practice art in another culturally engaging manner. Her recent mural in Beirut with Art of Change NGO produced in support of Women Empowerment gave her the title of being the first female artist to produce a mural of that scale in Lebanon.

2020 Solo show - ¨L´Éphémère¨ exhibition, curated by Retrieving Beirut. Sage Parlor, Beirut

2019 Group show - ¨Habitudes¨ exhibition. Saifi village gallery, Beirut

2019 Group show - ¨Kuh-rupt¨ exhibition. Art of change gallery, Beirut

2018 Group show - ¨MISNŌMA¨ exhibition. Mau Mau, Barcelona

2017 Group show - ¨Reconstructing memories¨exhibition. Artlab gallery, Beirut

2017 Online exhibit - ¨Co-exist¨, curated by Retrieving Beirut

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