Portrait of an alcoholic, 80x45cm , oil paint and collage on wood panel, 2018
Coming of Age, Acrylic paint on canvas, 20x20cm, 2019
¨Wonder¨ series, Oil paint on canvas, 20x20cm, 2017
The three Graces, Oil painting on canvas, 50x60cm, 2018
Study of a female nude, Oil paint on paper,
35x50cm, 2017
The disengagement, Oil paint on paper, 28x40cm, 2017
Ephemeral passion, Oil paint on canvas, 100x120cm, 2018
Teenage love, Charcoal on paper, 45x55cm, 2018
A sketch of Lovers, Charcoal and white chalk on paper, 23x25cm, 2019
Daydream in Blue, Charcoal on fine paper, 45x58cm, 2018
The Blues, Oil paint on wood panel,
75x115cm, 2018
Palm woman, Oil paint on canvas, 180x120cm, 2019
Undefeated youth, Oil paint on canvas,
60x85cm, 2019
Solastalgia, oil paint on canvas, 75x60cm, 2020