Portrait of an Alcoholic

Oil paint and collage on wood panel, 80 x 45cm, 2018

A Blues Poem

Oil paint on wood panel, 75 x 115cm, 2018

Three Graces

Oil paint on canvas, 50 x 60cm, 2018

¨Palm Woman¨ - A symbol of Fertility, Mother Earth, and Serenity

Oil paint on canvas, 180 x 120cm, 2019

Undefeated Youth

Oil paint on canvas, 60 x 85cm, 2019

¨Solastalgia¨- A form of emotional or existential distress caused by environmental change.

Oil paint on canvas, 75 x 60cm, 2020

The Nicotine Trap

Oil paint on canvas, 80 x 55cm, 2020

Love Is The Only Way Out

Oil paint on canvas, 130 x 80cm, 2020

Birds Before The Storm (Triptych)

Charcoal and white chalk on A4 toned paper, 2020

Daydream in Blues

Charcoal on finer art paper, 45 x 60cm, 2018

Portrait of Mr. Underwood

Charcoal on fine art paper, 45 x 50cm, 2018


Charcoal on fine art paper, 45 x 45cm, 2018

Teenage Love

Charcoal on fine art paper, 45 x 55cm, 2018

A Sketch of Lovers

Charcoal on paper, 23 x 25cm, 2019

Reclining figure

Charcoal on fine art paper, 80 x 55cm, 2019