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Lea Bou Habib

Born in Beirut, Lebanon





Painting and drawing program & Sculpture part-time program, BAA (Barcelona Academy of art), Barcelona - Spain



Bachelor in Interior Architecture, Académie Libanaise des beaux-arts (University of Balamand), Lebanon



Solo Exhibitions


Éphémère - Retrieving Beirut, Sage Parlor -Beirut (1)


Group Exhibitions


Habitudes - Saifi village, Beirut

Kuh-rupt – Art of change, Beirut (2)


MISNŌMA – Mau Mau, Barcelona


Reconstructing memories – Artlab, Beirut (3)

Online exhibit- Retrieving Beirut (4)






Arts and entertainment:

Artist manager at LRS (Living room sessions) – Beirut (5)

The Living Room Sessions is an event group that merges music and artistic performances in intimate spaces.

Allowing one to get close and personal with performers of live electronic music and visual artists.











  1. L'éphémère, Lea Bou Habib

  2. Exhibition Urban-Contemporary Artists of Revolution

  3. "Reconstructing Memories" A collective exhibition curated by Afif Dimitri Haddad.

  4. Lea Bou Habib take over - Retrieving Beirut

  5. AN-NAHAR - LRS: Live art in your living room          -   - LRS07: Pomme Rouge and Lea Bou Habib Performing Live in your Living Room



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¨ Lea Bou Habib, a Lebanese painter classically trained in Barcelona, is one of the artists working with the organization and was responsible for the recent LADE campaign mural. She is the first female artist to produce a mural of that size in the entirety of Lebanon. ¨


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